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Virtual Reality Models Animations and Illustrations of the Interstate Traveler Hydrogen Super Highway

4 Minute Video Commercial (windows media file)

4 Minute 3GP Video Commercial with Voice Over Detail

3 Minute Art Sequence Vignette - Fun!

6 Minute Simulation - No Voice Over 11-30-04

Traveler Station -01 Animation 05-07-04

Traveler Station -02 Animation 05-07-04

Traveler Station -03 Animation 05-07-04

Traveler Animation 20 Second Ride-by 08-18-04

Traveler Animation Suspension System 08-18-04

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My Sketches


Maglev Images List



bulletimages/Maglev-interstate traveler.wmv
bullet images/Maglev-Interstate Traveler Outdoor_vcd.mpg
bullet MEDIA/Maglev-ITC-Traveler-presentdaystation-med.wmv
bullet images/Maglev-traveler rideby rev2-5mb.wmv
bullet Maglev-Cloverleaf Substation and Car Ramp 8x5.jpg
bulletMaglev-Ferndale Station_8x5.jpg
bullet Maglev-ITC Grand Public Rail - Rail Only - ConduitCluster.jpg
bulletimages/Art/Rail Conduit Cluster.jpg
bullet8 Mile 05.jpg
bulletMaglev-ITC Rail - Towers_8x5.jpg
bulletMaglev-ITC International Rail_8x5.jpg
bullet images/Art/InterstateTraveler01.jpg
bullet images/Art/InterstateTraveler01_8x5.jpg
bullet Maglev-InterstateTraveler04_8x5.jpg
bullet images/Art/InterstateTraveler02_8x5.jpg
bullet images/Art/InterstateTraveler03_8x5.jpg
bullet images/Art/InterstateTravelerStation01.jpg
bullet Maglev-InterstateTraveler05_8x5.jpg
bulletMaglev-ITC Cars-jpg.jpg
bulletMaglev-ITC Cloverleaf Minor Loop.jpg
bullet Maglev-Long Island Zion Cathedral Plan-jpg.jpg
bulletMaglev-Long Island Zion Cathedral-jpg.jpg
bulletMaglev-ITC Rail Installation Process-8x5.jpg
bulletMaglev-ITC Rail Pile-driver.jpg
bulletMaglev-ITC Drill Rig_8x5.jpg
bulletMaglev-ITC Rail Plane-jpg.jpg
bulletMaglev-ITC Rail Plane 2_8x5.jpg
bullet Maglev-Camera Down Track Still Render0288 6x8.jpg
bulletMaglev-hydrogen station front 8x10.jpg
bulletMaglev-ITC Rail Perspective with Labels.jpg
bulletMaglev-rails solar supports closeup2.jpg
bulletMaglev-rails solar supports top.jpg
bulletMaglev-traveler front ortho.jpg
bullet Maglev-Traveler-Passanger-rev3a 5x3.jpg
bulletMaglev-car pod a.jpg
bulletMaglev-car pod c.jpg
bulletMaglev-Rapid Trans - 11jpg.jpg
bulletMaglev-Rapid Trans - 12jpg.jpg
bulletMaglev-Rapid - Trans - 26.jpg
bulletRapid - Trans - 21.gif
bulletRapid - Trans - 22.gif
bulletMaglev-Rapid - Trans - 18jpg_6x8.jpg
bulletMaglev-Rapid - Trans - 20jpg_norm.jpg
bulletMaglev-Rapid Trans - 10jpg.jpg
bulletRapid - Trans - 24.gif
bulletMaglev-Rapid - Trans - 25.jpg
bulletMaglev-Rapid - Trans - 28.jpg
bulletMaglev-Rapid - Trans - 17jpg.jpg
bulletRapid - Trans - 27.gif
bulletMaglev-Rapid Trans - 01jpg.jpg
bulletMaglev-Rapid - Trans - 15jpg.jpg
bulletMaglev-Rapid Trans - 03jpg.jpg
bulletMaglev-Rapid Trans - 04jpg.jpg
bulletMaglev-Rapid Trans - 05jpg.jpg
bulletMaglev-Rapid Trans - 06jpg.jpg
bulletMaglev-Rapid Trans - 07jpg.jpg
bulletMaglev-Rapid Trans - 09jpg.jpg
bulletMaglev-Rapid Trans - 13jpg.jpg
bulletMaglev-Rapid Trans - 14jpg.jpg
bulletMaglev-Rapid - Trans - 16jpg.jpg
bulletMaglev-ITC Rail Radius Study-01-jpg.jpg

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