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One hundred years ago,  there were many competing rail systems that had track laid all over the United States.  During that time, it was known that much of the cost of shipping was related to the transfer of goods from one train system to another because the cars from one train system would not fit on the rail system of another.  Then along came the standard gage...

Today, many thousands of miles of train right of way still exist, yet have had their rails and ties torn up years ago, and they are waiting for the right company to come along and install a long range public transit systems that is safe, clean, and quiet .   The resurrection of dead rail lines into new, clean, quiet, safe public transportation systems will be the wave of the future, and we hope to make that wave wash over the entire United States.

Please click on some of the links below to see the contact information for the many groups that now manage the thousands of miles of existing right of way waiting for the right system to come along...

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