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The Interstate Traveler Company's Hydroponic Highway Integration

Making our Highways Bloom with Abundance

Certainly their can be no greater concern for the future of our advanced civilization and great growing numbers in the global population other than the concern for food and water.  We can all accept the fact that not all of our future generations can remain living on the family farm.  Over the next 100 years, our cities will grow exponentially as the existing 6 Billion people on Earth becomes 9 Billion or more.   There is no greater concern for tomorrow than the suffering of millions of people TODAY.   According to UN and other publications in 2007 there were estimated more than 800,000 souls in the greater Sudanese region of Africa that have been chased from their homes by famine and drought or war lords competing for dwindling resources.  Lake Chad in Northern Central Africa is shared by five countries and it has very nearly dried up leaving millions of people are now hanging in the balance for subsistence or starvation.  Food and Water. 

The Hydroponic Traveler can harness the sun's rays to process ocean brine and isolate the mineral content of the ocean brine to construct specialized solutions of water for Hydroponic assisted agricultural growth within Highway rights of way or otherwise along other rights of way were the Interstate Traveler Hydrogen Super Highway may be installed.

The Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations and the Free World will be served well by this system which will collect water and waste and process that waste to make fortified fertilizers to build soils and literally collect light from the Sun and shine it down on growing plants half a world away to bear fruit for the hungry masses.  If not just to enable a surplus to buffer our needs when natural disasters destroy our crops.

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