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Building the First Mile of Millions...

Welcome to the Interstate Traveler Hydrogen Super Highway!                    Let's ride the Hydrogen Super Highway into a better     cleaner     safer     faster     and      more exciting future while producing and distributing hydrogen to filling stations all along the US Interstate Highways...       Say good bye to fossil fuels and hello to Hydrogen!

What is the Interstate Traveler Hydrogen Super Highway?  It is a collection of vital municipal utilities bundled into what we call the Conduit Cluster providing a first of its kind full integration of solar powered hydrogen production and distribution with a high speed magnetic levitation ( MagLev ) public transit network built along the right of way of the US Interstate Highway Systems, and any other permissible right of way where such a machine would be of benefit.  The Interstate Traveler, also known as the Interstate Traveler Rail, is accessed by Traveler Stations that are built within the right of way of the Interstate Highway within the land locked real-estate of the clover leaf interchanges providing maximum ease of access for people who live anywhere near the Interstate Highway.

What problem does the Interstate Traveler Solve?  The newscasters tell us every day about the difficult times people are having all over the world.   Everywhere there is over crowding, urban sprawl, public utility failures, traffic jams, car accidents, utility poles that are easily damaged by bad weather,  backed up sewer systems that contaminate local public waters and the threat of drought and famine.  The science of all these problems being significant unto themselves as a business, a municipal responsibility and as a personal plight.  The Interstate Traveler creates a more resilient solution to all of these problems in a single relatively inexpensive mass produced rapid transit rail system with an embedded 'self-contain and self-sustained' conduit cluster for common municipal utilities.

It has become ever more popular for new urban areas to be developed with underground utilities, and as the ever increasing population grows into new areas and redevelops old ones, there will be a need for both a highly efficient light rail system, and a need for massive upgrades in the basic public utility conduits such as electricity, water, and liquid waste.

 Ultimately, we are creating a massive functional upgrade to the efficiency of the United States public infrastructure as a whole by implementing a nested domain address system for a National Public Transit Network.


Our Mission

Our mission is to mass produce the least expensive and most universal form of public conduit to move people via maglev technology, and simultaneously provide structural conduit for the distribution of electricity, potable water, liquid waste, fiber optics, hydrogen, oxygen, and where applicable, other liquid and vapor based fuels.   By partnership with the State and Federal governments, we intend to expand our business to include an International Sales Organization to supply light rail systems and utility conduits to municipalities world wide.

In this regard, our aim is to provide a continuous revenue stream for municipal governments for the management of public works and the embellishment of parks and other public spaces along with the management of local public transportation services at all levels.

Our vision is this:  To mass produce a unified public conduit system that can be installed anywhere at the lowest possible cost, the highest possible quality, with the greatest efficiency, built from the most resilient materials and is pollution free.


The Interstate Traveler Project plans to consolidate public utility disbursement into a mass produced and affordable product supplied to municipalities world wide.  All nations face the same infrastructure dilemmas, that is why the Interstate Traveler is a truly global enterprise for a truly global need.

Directly servicing the ever growing populations of the world with reliable and quickly installed utility conduits for electricity, potable water, fluid waste, liquid and vapor based fuels, and public transportation is our mission.

The utility clustering principle being exploited by the benefits of mass production using materials that guarantee hundreds of years of service, is the ultimate investment of both public bonds and private venture capital.

Concentrating on the most efficient design brings about an irreducible magnitude on structure principles.  Steel tubing is very quickly formed to the quantity that will allow miles of track to be installed per month, and even miles of track to be installed in a single day with the back log of pre-fabricated, modular, mass produced sections.

Automated TCP/IP traffic control system using ports, and subnets will allow for personally owned, publicly owned and commercially owned cars to operate on the same platform (public network) with assurance that the commercial cars get to the right loading dock, on the right spur of the right sub network automatically.   The Internet has proven the massive expandability of TCP/IP based addressing systems, we are simply treating each car on the public system, each gallon of water, each kilowatt of electricity, each kilogram of hydrogen as a packet in a massively expandable network that will serve the people for generations.

The TCP/IP Protocol is ideal for traffic management via real-time location determination to properly provide credit and debit to public toll-ways, scenic routes, all the way down to local township municipal networks.   All this being understood, it is easy to see the efficiency, economy and reliability of a self sustaining conduit system that delivers people and public utilities.

The Interstate Traveler is a Semi-Public transit system, riders are registered in advance.

Finally, by fully integrating the Interstate Traveler with the Interstate Highway System,  we optimize the use of existing transportation infrastructure and transit oriented developments.   The Cloverleaf Substations offer ideal accommodations for access by existing localized bus and taxi transit services at the township and county level by fully integrating with the entrances and exits of the established transportation infrastructure that is our beloved highway system.  By providing maglev rail mass transit for both pedestrian passengers and for personalized automobile accommodations, we promote the use of both public and private transportation.   With the automobile accommodations, you can drive your car into a car ferry, and ride in the comfort of your own private vehicle while the car ferry takes you where you want to go without any interruptions.

Company Profile and Intent

The Interstate Traveler Project has been formed into a Limited Liability Company, registered in the State of Michigan working in the design, production and distribution of alternative energy, where that alternative energy production system is fully integrated into the Rail Conduit Cluster and Utility Substations.  The Interstate Traveler is intended to provide a new standard rail infrastructure for mass transit as an upgrade to the existing United States Interstate Highway System  and along existing right of ways.  We make the rail, and all the cars are made by strategic partners and vendors such as the Automobile Industry and the Aerospace Industry, where those cars on the rail may be owned by Municipalities, Corporations, and Private Individuals.  As long as standard propulsion systems are used, any one can make a car of any shape and size (within reason) and will be able to ride the Interstate Traveler Rail Network from city to city all over the United States.

We are proud to announce that the Interstate Traveler is a perfect fit for the intent of President George W. Bush Executive Order 13274 September 18th 2002

The Founding of the Interstate Traveler

Justin Eric Sutton founded the Interstate Traveler Project in 1995, published this work in 2002 and immediately began building a national and international advisory community. 

Justin is continuously building a founding team of professionals known as the Interstate Traveler Advisory Board .  This is a growing group of industry veterans offering candid advice as the system is being developed and refined.  You may click here to see some of our letters of support.

The Executive Summary can be found here....   Click this Link

Inspiration for the Interstate Traveler

On Sunday March 19th, 1995 Justin was inspired to conceive of an advanced mass transit system when reading a story involving the rail road industry.  On that day, the primary requirements of the system flashed into his mind, and he transcribed them onto two sheets of paper.  The original notes from that day are the first two images in the "My Sketches" section of the photo gallery on this website.  The plan has been undergoing consistent refinement since that day.

The only way to save American Steel companies from being shut down is to buy what they make.

Realizing that the Interstate Traveler Rail Conduit Cluster is a mass produced "Snap-together" plug-&-play technology made from tons of steel components, the broad adoption of this rail design provides an unprecedented economic benefit to steel manufactures.  As an exportable commodity,  we will supply American made technology to the world using tons of American made Steel.  Here in America, the build-out of the Eisenhower Interstate Traveler on 54,000 miles of Interstate Highway will require no less that 750,000,000 tons of American Made Steel!

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